Our Team

Tim Cross, President, YouthBuild International

Peter Twichell, Senior Program Director, Global Program Development

Twitter - @PeterTwichell

Laurie Bennett, Director of International Field Operations

Bora Chiemruom, Administrative Manager

David Burch, Global Director of Construction, Training and Education

Miguel Rodriguez, Projects Director, Latin America

Tere Lanzagorta,  Program Director, Youth Pathways - Mexico

Jasmin Jasarevic, Program Director and Country Representative - Bosnia Herzegovina

Sangeeta Tyagi, Chief Program Officer, YouthBuild USA

Daryl Wright, Vice President, Career Development and Knowledge Management, YouthBuild USA

Long Nguyen, Senior Consultant, Asia

Neil Qusba, Senior Consultant, Green Construction

Caroline Hopkins, Senior Consultant, Africa

David Rosen, Senior Consultant, Africa, Caribbean

David Calvert, Senior Consultant, Latin America, Africa

Country Partners

  • Canada:  YouthBuild Canda, David Hughes, Founder 
  • Mexico: Paco Almanza, Director, Jovenes Constructores de la Comunidad
  • Mexico:  Gustavo Verastica, Director General, SERAJ
  • Central America: Rick Jones, Deputy Regional Director, LAC, Catholic Relief Services
  • Haiti: Guerda Previlon, Director, IDEJEN
  • Jamaica: Marcia McCloud, Director, St. Patrick's Foundation
  • Brazil: Katia  Edmundo,  Director, CEDAPs/ Ivonette Albuquerque, Director Galpao Aplauso
  • Peru:  Esther Diaz, Director, INFANT
  • South Africa: Clayton Peters, Head of Division, National Youth Service and Skills Development, NYDA
  • Israel: Edna Bustin, Board Chair, YouthBuild Israel
  • Bosnia Herzegovina:  Edin Mujacic, Director, Center for Sustainable Development
  • Bosnia Herzegovina: Jasmin Jasarevic, Director PRONI Center for Youth Development
  • Serbia: Civic Initiatives
  • Scotland: Mark MacMillan, Public Policy Advisor, Kibble Education and Care Center
  • United Kingdom: John Montague, Chairperson, Youthbuild UK